Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Savannah Bungalow - Part 1

I've been meaning to do a post about our house in Savannah for a while. Unfortunately, we can't just invite our family and friends over for the night, so a picture tour will have to suffice.

We got very lucky in finding this house, especially in this neighborhood. There are lots of charming and historic houses in the city, but many of them are in very sketchy places. While on our house hunt we had a map of areas that we considered good/safe zones to live in, and when we saw this place and found it to be on the "good list" I said sign us up!

This house was built in the 30's/40's, which is one thing I love about it! It is full of character and old architecture, but it also has its fair share of issues. Oh well, that's why I'm glad it's not permanently ours! We also think it's haunted!! (Ha. Not really. But maybe.) When we first moved in, we were putting Christmas stuff in the attic, and discovered the attic was full of stuff. Old letters. Old clothes. Junk. Old books. Anyway, we discovered that most of the stuff belonged to someone named Thomas Puckett. He apparently lived in the house in the 60's and paid $85/month in rent. We found a letter to the landlord complaining about the roaches. Which is funny because we have a problem with roaches too (but apparently all of Savannah does)!

Anyway, on to the picture tour.

I Looooove having a front porch! I'm really looking forward to having it in the fall!

Of course we have to display our Aggie and Texas pride!

A wreath I made last spring

Come on in Y'all!

Entry Way - Clearly I need to put a picture in that bottom frame. Ha!

I made the mossy "E" out of foam board and moss for $5. My inspiration was this Pottery Barn
letter which is $80 before shipping!!

Living Room - If I could ever make it to the IKEA in Atlanta, maybe I could get some more curtains. Ha!

View from master bed room through french doors to the living room

We've never had a TV in our room, so we were pretty excited when we discovered we could lay in bed and watch TV (Though we've yet to do this because we decided not to get cable until football season..haha!)

Master Bedroom - The quilt came from Home Goods and was very reasonable, while those awesome lamps came from Hobby Lobby and were 1/2 price (Thanks Mom!)

The yellow pillow I found 1/2 off at Home Goods and the small monogrammed one is from Pottery Barn (I did wait for free shipping though!)

Jax wanted to be in all the pictures, so I will let him, just because he's so darn cute!!

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the tour!!

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  1. LOVE the little bungalow :) I want to come to Savannah!