Monday, October 31, 2011

Eat, Drink & Be Scary!

So I decided a while back I wanted to have a Halloween party. I've never really been that into Halloween, but I am into parties! I knew it would be too difficult to have a Christmas party with Drew and his classmate's schedules, so Halloween it was!

I had a lot of fun planning/preparing, and even more fun at the party! This post will be more pictures and less words, cause I'm lazy like that :)

The Invitation

Entry way

Food Table

Ghostly Cake Pops

Spider Cupcakes

Witches Brew


Drew, the hunter; Me, the deer!

He got me!

Our family


The beautiful Ansley and me, could not have done this without her!

Jessica and Emily

Kirran and Sam

Jessica, Cory, Kirran, Me

Zach and Drew

Tired Jax

It was a great time had by all!

Happy Halloween Y'all!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Roadtrip to Athens!

Ahhh...I like the sound of that title! Hopefully this will be the first of many road trips to Athens in the fall!

If you've known me long (or not long for that matter) then you know about my obsession love of football, especially college. Of course, my true love will always be with the Texas Aggies, although I don't know how many more blown 15+ point halftime leads I can endure (ahhh, the ambivalent life of an Aggie). Luckily, my love for Texas A&M and the Aggies goes far beyond football (but, seriously, play 2 halves already!!)

Anyway, I digress, I have always wanted to travel to different college towns and venues and experience their "game day traditions". You know eat at their best restaurants, bar-hop, tailgate, see the stadium and just soak in the game day atmosphere. At one point Hubs and I even made a college football bucket list of games we would like to attend during our lifetime. Ironically (or not), several of those match-ups were between SEC schools. So when we found ourselves living in Savannah, I figured what better time to start marking off that list than now!

Fortunately, we have met some interesting awesome people, many of which attended some of the schools that were on our list! We knew we wanted to go to a UGA game one weekend so we looked at the calendar and their first true home game, against South Carolina, fell on the weekend before Hubs had a week long break from school. Perfect! So we packed the car and Northwest we went! I swear we took the most back roads route on the way up there, and I thought there was no easy way to get to College Station. Ha!

We got there pretty late Friday night, so we just kind of took it easy. Athens is a very neat town, it reminded me of a mini Austin with a much smaller/rural surrounding area. Again, I thought I felt 'old' going out in College Station....this was waaaay worse! I promise out of the 1000's of people we saw on Friday night, we were by far the oldest there (and our mean age was 24, haha!)

Saturday, we got up pretty early and headed to campus to tailgate! We didn't plan on going into the game, so at game time we just made our way to a bar to watch it on TV. I'll have to say that this is where the "SEC" was different than my other experiences. There were as many people watching the game in bars as there was in the stadium. It was very very crowded! South Carolina ended up winning 45-42.

Saturday night we had a very good time! I won't go into details, but just so I can remember later in life, it involved a round trip free cab ride, a cutthroat foosball game, ring pops, the search for the perfect any hot dog, disposing of a perfectly good glass, some almost tears, a sore shoulder, and some really 'raging' times!

We really slacked on picture taking. We only got pictures from the tailgate, and 2 of our group members had already gone to another tailgate when we pulled out the camera.

Me and Ansley a.k.a., the sweetest, most genuine person you will ever meet! So glad our paths have crossed!

Our sorority girl pose with Jason

Swamp (that's really what they call him) being Swamp!

Jason, Ansley, Me, Drew (and Swamp)

The boys! (minus Zach) And no, Drew is not color blind, he was being a 'neutral' fan.

Zach & Kara....I wish Kara lived closer :(

We walked forever to our "destination tailgate" spot and low and behold look where we landed :)!

Hope y'all are as excited about football and fall as I am!