Sunday, February 12, 2012

Craft Room

You remember back in this post where I was sort of bad mouthing Hubs for not making good on his promise of building me a farmhouse table to go in our big empty dining room. Well, that wasn't completely fair, because honestly, I was the one that had to decide on all aspects of the table, and he would just build it. Well, I was thinking a while back that I didn't want a farmhouse table right now, considering we do not know where we will be going next, but are hoping it will be about 1,000 miles west, and I really don't want to move more than I have to!

So the other day after opening my closet and my scrapbook stuff falling out on me for about the 318th time, I decided maybe we should turn the big yellow space into a craft room!

Here is the huge empty space (visible from pretty much all areas of the house) that has looked like this since we moved in, in June .

So I began looking for the "perfect table" to fill it.

Of course, I found it on Pottery Barn, for only $1200 + shipping + stools. Yea right!

That thought then morphed into an inspiration and I started looking on Craigslist for something that I could "transform" into this. After no luck with that it dawned on me that I am married to someone pretty skilled in carpentry and who owns lots of tools! So then I had to figure out how to "convince" him to build something for me in the middle of being busy with school. Turns out all I had to do was ask ;) (Sidenote: My advice to young girls, marry a boy who can build things and fix things, it really will make your life more fun and easy ;)

So then I made a quick trip to Alaska, via a click of the mouse, to visit my girl Ana White, and found plans for the perfect craft table! I ran it by Hubs, and he said "That looks easy" (yeessss!!) And off to Lowes we went. Here is the wood all laid out prior to cuts.

Here are the boys working hard. I was sitting in the swing, "supervising", petting puppies, and sipping on a cold beer, ha!


And, The finished product!!

And as if that wasn't enough, Hubs went ahead and built me some floating shelves too! (He either really loves me, or was in extreme procrastination mode from school, or both :)

The "craft hutch"

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Happy Crafting!