Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Savannah Bungalow - Part 2

Hello again!

In case you missed part one of this "series" (read: I was too tired/lazy to finish it all in one sitting). You can scroll down a little to read or just click here! Anyway, on to the rest of the house...

Guest Bedroom #1

Finley doing a little squirrel hunting from inside of course...

Notice the sign above the bed that I blogged about here? Well thanks to Hubs it was an easy and fun project! I think it looks great in the room, and we love the sayings we picked for it. Side note: The saying "Ignore Inhibitions" was supposed to end with "and pursue your dreams" but I ran out of room; I don't encourage people to ignore all inhibitions just most some ;)

This chest I got in April at Warrenton/Round Top with my friend Camille. It was mint green with hideous hardware. I love how imperfect it is i.e. uneven drawers that don't close flush.

Guest Bedroom #2 - The daybed was mine growing up, and still has the trundle, so it is great for guests that don't want to get too cozy ;) The wood side table was my grandma's.

The ladder I also got a Warrenton/Round Top for $10.

I didn't want to spend a fortune on the linens/pillows because I don't know how much longer we will actually use this bed. So, the bedding is a fitted sheet and the bed skirt is a top sheet. ha! The shams are from Target and are a much cheaper alternative to PBs pick stitch shams. The flowered pillow is from IKEA. The others are just pillow cases.

Drew's Mom gave me this desk my sophomore year in college. I almost got rid of it a few moves ago, but decided to re-finish it instead. I'm so glad I did, I love it now!! The wreath I made last year out of book pages from this tutorial.

I found this antique wooden stool at an antique store in Navasota, TX. I drove by it two times everyday when I worked in Brenham. One Friday I got off early, so I stopped in, and found this little beauty! The top quilt on it, is one that my great-grandmother (Nana) had began sewing but never finished. A couple of Christmases ago my Mom took the part that my Nana had finished and the rest of the scraps, and had it completed - such a special gift!!

Guest Bathroom

The Kitchen (I could definitely live without this tile!)

Breakfast Area

Curtains I made with no-sew glue..haha!

Love these jars!

Inspiration for curtains. First picture's from PB, second off pinterest (not sure of original source) and third, is from The Lettered Cottage, I liked the pattern.

We also have a formal dining room, but it has nothing in it, so no pictures. Hubs said he was going to make me a farmhouse table...but...that hasn't happened, YET ;)

I also love this little telephone table in the hallway and the transoms in a couple of the bedrooms!

That's all for now, hope you've enjoyed the tour :)


  1. I love it! Where is your couch from?

  2. Love love love how you decorated your home!!! You are going to have to teach me your ways!!!! It is beautiful!! Steven and I have to come visit!