Monday, June 27, 2011

Savannah Storms and Other Randoms

Since we've been in Savannah, it has rained a lot. OK, maybe not a lot, but a whole heck of a lot more than it did the last few months in Texas. I guess it makes sense though, considering we practically moved in on the 1st day of hurricane season. So far it has been what I call good rain - mostly at night, perfect for sleeping - clearing off the next day and not interfering with my beach trips ;) (I say that jokingly, I know any rain is good rain, especially considering the droughts and fires affecting lots of the country!)

Anyway, the other night it was storming and lightening, just like it has done several times since we've been here, so no big deal. But then...we heard a very loud pop....which I was convinced was a gun shot (I have been paranoid about the crime ever since we moved here). Hubs said it was a limb and sure enough, we opened the front door to not just a limb down, but half of our huge sweet gum tree lying in the yard. I couldn't get a good picture that night, but here is what it looked like the next day.

Obviously, we were extremely lucky that it missed the house. It did manage to knock my flag down and bend one of the metal handrails, but other than that no big deal! The big limb/tree also managed to miss the cars, but another smaller limb fell on Drew's car, luckily not mine!!

So here in Savannah, all of the trees belong to the city and they are responsible for clean-up. Apparently, there were several trees down in the area, because they didn't get to ours until 6 pm the next day. Sadly, after they cleaned up the mess, the sent someone over to inspect the tree and they determined that it needed to be removed....

This is an old tree with it's limbs reaching almost across the street, so it's sad that just like that it will be gone. Now I don't know much anything about trees, but it seems like it would live for many more years, just the way it is. Oh well...

On a happier note... I am soooo glad they have Blue Bell in Savannah. I have been loving this recently! Not only the tasty goodness, but it makes me think of Brenham, my old job, and Texas, which all 3 of those make me smile.

Last, but certainly not least...I am really missing these babies right now!! I miss my whole family, but knowing that the next time I see these 3 they will be so incredibly different, just really hurts my heart!

Hope you've had a happy Monday!

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  1. Total bummer on the tree but really happy you have Blue Bell to ease the blow.