Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paula Deen Sighting

So yesterday, I'm in Home Goods just looking around. In the past, I've been guilty of frequenting Home Goods multiple times per week, but of course that's in the past ;). So I'm just minding my own, when I sense someone walk up beside me; I turn to look and this is what I see....

Very nonchalantly I return to what I was looking at, then turn for a double take. I think to myself "That's Paula Deen, it must be." Then I think "No way, why would she be in Home Goods?" "That woman's too skinny to be her."

Then, in a split second all my suspicions were confirmed, and She opened her mouth! It was definitely her!

So I've never really been one to gawk over famous people (not that she's all that famous), so I don't ask for a picture, don't ask for an autograph, I don't even say "Hi". But, I do follow her around for a few minutes, very inconspicuously (I hope) to see what all she's buying.

Immediately I pull out the phone and call my mom. Of course, no answer, because like most people, she's at work. But, I'm itching to tell somebody, so I call Hubs. Disappointingly, he is not as excited about this as I am. So I continue shopping and so does she. By this point more and more people begin to notice and ask for pictures with her. Let me add that she was super patient and sweet to everyone! She even bought a high-tech butter baster that someone insisted she needed. Ha!

Fast forward to time to check out. I find myself 2 people behind her in the check out line. During the 5 minutes of checking out it manages to come a torrential downpour (remember my last post about rain in Savannah!). Of course no one brought an umbrella in the store with them, because it is 92 and sunny out. So we are all just sitting outside under the overhang waiting for the rain to stop.

Well, not Mrs. Paula Deen. She says "Screw this" (literally that's what she said), takes a plastic bag puts it over her head and runs out to her car. A few minutes later here she comes around the corner in her Mercedes with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, to pick up her friend and load their goodies. She misjudges her turn and hits the curb so hard, I'm surprised she didn't have a blow out. All in all, I'm really glad I "ran into her" it turned out to be a pretty entertaining experience. Now I can mark "meeting Paula Deen" off my Savannah to-do list!

Just for fun, 2 years ago on Halloween, I was a PT student doing my clinical rotations. At the rehab hospital where I was training, all the therapist dressed up and we had a party for the patients. I dressed up as Paula and had prepared recipes that I gave to all my patients. Everyone said I made a good Paula, but I was a little too thin. Ha!

Tonight I actually cooked dinner! Gasp. And, let me say I probably won't be cooking again anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, it turned out great. But, I made a huge mess, I was sweatin' up a storm and I spent just as much money as we would have if we'd gone out to eat and shared (which is what we do). Not to mention, we will probably throw half of the left overs away because that is also what we (usually) do :) We have been craving Italian food Carrabba's lately, but didn't want to dish out the dough. So I made this lasagna from Pioneer Woman. It turned out to be a very good alternative to Carrabba's, Hubs loved it and Finley did too :)

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