Thursday, January 26, 2012

Colorado Christmas

For Christmas this year, we all went to Breckenridge for the week! It was super fun and relaxing (when we weren't trying to brave the grocery store or the slopes)! There was abnormally low snow this year, so much of the mountain was closed. When our plane landed in Denver it looked kind of like Texas with the lack of snow on the ground, except of course for the Rockies in the background, ok, that's not like Texas at all.

Christmas was sort of a whirlwind for me. I had to work through Friday, the 23. So I got off work at 3:30, caught my 5:00 flight out of Savannah, had a 4 hour delay in Atlanta and finally made it to Little Rock at 1 AM. Then had to drive from Little Rock to Texarkana (well Drew and my Dad drove!) We spent the next 2 days having Christmas with everyone and their grandma (literally, ha!) Then we drove back to Little Rock early Monday morning (4 am to be exact) to catch our plane to Denver!! And, that's just the getting there.

The last night of our trip, we were eating in town when I got a call/voicemail from a random number. Often I just ignore random numbers, because therapy recruiting companies call me all the time. Good thing I decided to listen to this voicemail at 10pm, because it was Continental politely calling to inform us that our plane which was to leave out at 10Am the next morning had been CANCELLED!! They were also polite enough to tell us that we could go online and find another flight to book.

After not too much headache, we finally made it home to Texas about 8 hours later than expected, and we had to fly into Dallas but our car was in Little Rock! So the next morning, Mom took us to Little Rock to get our car, and then we began the day long drive back to Savannah. Then the next day I started back to work...Whew, makes me tired just thinking about it!!

I'm really not complaining! I am so thankful we were all able to spend Christmas together in Colorado doing one of my favorite things, snow skiing. I also got in lots of cuddle time with the twinsies!!

Here are some action shots from the slopes...I always take my camera with the intention of taking lots of pictures, but once I get out there in my 17 layers I never feel like de-layering to get to my camera...Thankfully, Alison's not as lazy as I am, therefore we have these pictures to enjoy!

The babies at the airport, wondering why they are up at 4AM...

Mom and Jim on the back porch of the house...

The babies still wondering where we are...

Ryan and Ashton in front of the house...

Babies all bundled up for shopping in town...

Drew helping Jim

Ryan and Me

Leigh and Ashton representing every shade of pink :)

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